Growing older but not up

By Lizzie Brubaker

I love this line. It’s from a Jimmy Buffett song in case you didn’t know but I love it because it reminds me that I’m still in college. While I’m already a senior, I do still have time to learn and grow. I can’t believe how fast the years have gone. It’s week two of senior year and it’s already in full swing. Since I got back to Dallas Friday the 21st, I had two meetings, an orientation, lots of unpacking and lots of laundry, all before classes even began! I am super lucky this year to be living in an apartment right off campus with my best friend. She spent her spring semester studying in Copenhagen so it’s definitely nice to have her back! I’ll be sure to tell you more later about all your housing opportunities on and off campus. The Daily Update, SMU’s own TV station, is back in full swing producing shows Monday through Friday. To view the shows you can go to While the first few weeks of the show are a learning experience for all, getting back into the swing and learning new positions, it’s starting to come together. If you’re even remotely interested in journalism or television I highly encourage you to contact Tommy Newton in the Meadows recruiting office to schedule your visit to the Daily Update! Since school began I’ve produced three shows (not all planned!) and today I got on set and told the SMU community how they really don’t need to worry about the H1N1 virus-simply practice good hygiene! I think I’m due for a nap since I’ve been up since 5:15.

I hope you’re school year is off to a great start! Be sure to visit us on campus soon.

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