We’re gonna have a funky good time!

By Nick Cains

YAY FOR SMU FALL 2009! I’m a junior ya’ll- what is that? I don’t even know. Sigh. That means that I’m closer to graduation, but I’m not crossing that bridge yet because I’m having so much fun!

My classes this semester are crazy good. I have: Playwriting 1, Acting 3, African American History, Beginning Modern Dance, Directing, & Solo Performance! All of these classes have been extremely thought provoking and worth every second I’ve been in them.

Yes, you did read that right; I’m taking Beginning Modern Dance! It counts toward my General Education Curriculum Perspectives in the Fine Arts category and I’m lovin’ it. My instructor is from Zimbabwe, the class has maybe 20 people (probably less), and I’m one of four guys in the class (not bad at all). Yesterday we dove right into movements across the floor to the rhythm played on hand drums by Jamal (a hand drumming instructor/ Artist/ Faculty member at SMU). The class is so organic and will at least keep my active during my week. I had my first performance in Combat Theater this weekend! I played a street urchin in the 10- minute sequel to The Glass Menagerie. What a great way to kick off the year than with some laughs, theatrical deaths, and men in tights? I mean, is that really even a question.

Well, I must be off now. Sad enough, I actually have to do lots of reading (interesting readings) for my Acting Class. Have a wonderful day!

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