Mustang Corral

By Cameron Smith

To say that I have met more people in the past week than I did the entirety of my summer is a true statement. Just last Sunday I got back from being a camp counselor at our new student orientation weekend at SMU called Mustang Corral. Mustang Corral is a three day retreat off campus that gives first years a chance to meet their fellow classmates before classes begin. For me, as a Mustang Corral leader, it gives me the chance to meet and forge relationships with incoming freshmen that I may otherwise not meet. Though the weekend flew by and involved little sleep or showering, I had a great time getting know the incoming class of 2013. The highlights of the week were getting to lead my own round-up group, learning chants and cheers and most of all dancing for hours straight at the fabled “Club Corral.” Mustang Corral is a seasoned tradition that can not be missed. From the people I met to the experiences we shared, Mustang Corral is an event any incoming Mustang should enjoy. Pony Up!

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