A little bit harder…

By Kaitlyn Hall

The first full week of school started today, and I cannot believe I am officially a junior in college! Time definitely flies by when you’re having fun! My advice to you would definitely be to take advantage of every little moment during college because if not, you will end up like me, in disbelief that you only have two more years left! On a not so happy note however, junior year is a lot harder, and it is incredible that I can already tell how hard it’s going to be after three days of classes! I already have tons of reading to do! The good thing is that I find my classes a lot more interesting because I am finally getting into my particular major, which is Business Management. I really think that I am going to like all of my professors. I am taking a Shakespeare class this semester and I was a little worried because as I walked into the classroom my first day, I noticed that there were about 80 students in the class. Surprisingly though, my teacher said he will know our names, hometowns, and majors after the second week of school! That is so many people to remember, but it is really refreshing to know that he really cares about getting to know us. He also requires that we come and meet with him individually during his office hours, just so he can get to know us on a more personal level. This professor is definitely not my first professor to do this. It’s really comforting to know that the SMU professors want to know who you are. I really hope I have a successful semester! Wish me luck!

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