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Does physical activity predict depression? Or does depression predict physical activity?: Findings from breast cancer survivors

As more and more individuals are surviving cancer, interventions to promote mental health and quality of life in cancer survivors are growing. It is well established that physical activity is an appropriate intervention for preventing and treating depression in cancer … Continue reading

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Do you think you are more or less physically active than others?: The influence on mortality

Inadequate physical activity levels are associated with a shorter lifespan because inadequate physical activity can increase an individual’s risk of developing chronic illnesses, like diabetes. Although the evidence is clear that increasing physical activity levels is important for preventing illness … Continue reading

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Do Family Members of Melanoma Patients Use Sun Protection Behaviors?

The American Cancer Society estimates that 10,000 people a year will die from melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer primarily caused by sun exposure. First-degree relatives of melanoma patients, such as parents and children, are at particularly high risk … Continue reading

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Experiential Avoidance: Measurement and Implications for Exercise

About half of American adults don’t meet recommended exercise guidelines and a quarter of American adults don’t exercise at all. Although the various benefits of exercise are well known, why do individuals avoid exercise altogether? Our research group has begun examining … Continue reading

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Can Self-Affirmation and Optimism Improve the Health of Cancer Survivors?

With improvements in cancer treatment, more and more individuals will be cancer survivors. Many of these survivors will face unique physical and mental health challenges after cancer treatment. A recent study published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine suggests that optimism and … Continue reading

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Does Receiving Genetic Information About Obesity Change Diet and Exercise Intentions?

Imagine a physician told you that you had a genetic predisposition for obesity. Would you improve your diet and exercise in order to overcome your predisposition, or would you decide to not even bother to change your behavior? An article published this year in Annals … Continue reading

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