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In the News: Hunt begins for elusive neutrino particle at one of the world’s largest, most powerful detectors

SMU Graduate Student Biao Wang is 300 feet underground in front of the close detector. Under the direction of SMU physicist Thomas Coan, Wang works on the maintenance and trouble shooting of the detector as an on-call expert for the … Continue reading

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Faculty in Focus: Jodi Cooley and the "Hunt for dark matter takes physicists deep below earth’s surface, where WIMPS can’t hide"

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Houston Chronicle: Texas scientists spot 12-billion-year old star explosion

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Texas telescope spots light reaching Earth from rare, huge explosion 12 billion years ago

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Search for dark matter covers new ground with CDMS experiment in Minnesota

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SMU Daily Campus: Navigating neutrinos — Professor studies most elusive particle in the universe

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Research Day 2014

Research Day 2014, a set on Flickr. SMU graduate and undergraduate students are invited and encouraged to present results of ongoing and completed SMU-based research. The goal of this event is to foster communication between students in different disciplines, give … Continue reading

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SMU scientists celebrate Nobel Prize for Higgs discovery

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SMU physicists celebrate Nobel Prize for discovery of Higgs boson “god particle”

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The Nobel Prize in Physics for 2013: The Mechanism of the Origin of Mass

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