Daily Campus: Faculty, graduate student, staff yearbook photos become a part of University history


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In the News: Earth Sciences Ph.D. Candidate, Benjamin Phrampus, interviewed by LifeScience

Siberian sinkholePh.D. Candidate, Benjamin Phrampus, discussed the possible relation of gas explosions and the Bermuda Triangle with LifeScience. The article appeared on Oct. 14, 2014.

Explosions of trapped methane gas are thought to account for the mysterious craters found in Siberia, including this one.
Credit: Screengrab Newslook Video

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Faculty in the News: Oct. 7-20, 2014

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In the News: Hunt begins for elusive neutrino particle at one of the world’s largest, most powerful detectors

SMU graduate student Biao Wang width=SMU Graduate Student Biao Wang is 300 feet underground in front of the close detector. Under the direction of SMU physicist Thomas Coan, Wang works on the maintenance and trouble shooting of the detector as an on-call expert for the cooling system of the read-out electronics.

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Faculty in Focus: Klaus Desmet in The Economist: Goldilocks nationalism

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Faculty in Focus: Ömer Özak in The Atlantic: Can a Nation’s Soil Explain Its Economic Fortunes?

Omer Ozak, SMU, agriculture, soil, economics

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Faculty in Focus: George W. Holden on ABC News: Adrian Peterson Case Brings Scrutiny to Child Spanking

Holden, spanking, ABC News, SMU

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Alumni News: Thomas L. Adams in the Houston Chronicle: Project to protect rare dinosaur tracks

dino3 Houston Chronicle reporter Marvin Pfiefer has written about a project led by SMU alum Thomas L. Adams to catalog and protect the tracks of a 110 million-year-old dinosaur preserved in rock at Government Canyon State Natural Area. Adams, a paleontologist, is a graduate of Dedman College’s Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences.

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Faculty in Focus: Study by Dr. Kouros appears in Time magazine

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Faculty in Focus: Jodi Cooley and the "Hunt for dark matter takes physicists deep below earth’s surface, where WIMPS can’t hide"

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