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Former SMU interim president William Stallcup dies

William B. Stallcup Jr.William B. Stallcup Jr., who rose through the academic ranks to serve as SMU’s president ad interim during one of the most crucial periods in its history, died Saturday, June 7, at his home in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico, following a long illness. He was 87.

A biology professor who never intended to be an administrator, Stallcup served in various administrative positions for half of his four decades at SMU. The most critical of these was when he was named SMU’s president ad interim in 1986 following the sudden retirement of SMU President L. Donald Shields and SMU’s sanctions for NCAA football rules violations. Stallcup provided leadership and integrity during this period by presiding over sweeping reforms in SMU’s athletics programs and governance structure, and helping restore public confidence in the University.

“A dedicated teacher, Bill Stallcup repeatedly answered the call to serve as an administrator in times of special need,” said SMU President R. Gerald Turner. “He provided leadership most importantly as interim president during a troubled time. SMU’s transition to brighter days would not have been possible without his leadership, integrity and dedication. He also was instrumental in helping to develop SMU-in-Taos as a unique educational resource. In the history of SMU, he stands out as an exemplary steward of positive change.”

Stallcup left mark as student, teacher, administrator

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Former Interim President Bill Stallcup honored for service

William B. Stallcup Jr.William B. Stallcup Jr., who served as SMU president ad interim during a crucial period in the University’s history, was honored with the Trustee Distinguished Service Award at the SMU Board of Trustees’ meeting on May 9.

In fall 1986, when SMU’s football program received the NCAA “death penalty,” the Board of Trustees called upon Stallcup to serve as president ad interim. He helped to guide athletics reforms and a complete restructuring of SMU’s governance system.

In its resolution honoring him with the Distinguished Service Award, the board commended “the strength of his integrity and earned respect” and stated that “his conduct of the University’s affairs during this troubled period restored the confidence of the faculty, students, staff and alumni in the administrative leadership of the University.”

After serving as president ad interim from November 1986 to August 1987, Stallcup returned to teaching until his retirement in 1989. He then served as resident director of SMU-in-Taos from 1990-92. He was honored in 2002 as a recipient of SMU’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

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