Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention

Provost emphasizes importance of final exam schedule

As the Fall 2008 finals period approaches, SMU Provost Paul Ludden reminds faculty and administrators of the importance of keeping to the official final exam schedule. Adherence to the schedule was one of 36 initiatives recommended by SMU’s Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention and approved by SMU President R. Gerald Turner.

“All six academic recommendations put forward by the Task Force were accepted by President Turner last April,” notes Ludden. “One important feature was the recommendation that faculty give final exams during the appropriate week for every lower-division course. The Fall 2008 finals are scheduled from Dec. 8 through Dec. 13. My office and the deans are working with academic departments to implement this recommendation in courses where an exam is appropriate.”

Faculty and staff questions may be addressed to Provost Ludden at 214-768-3219.

SMU enacts medical amnesty with “Call for Help”

UPDATE Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014: The University’s Call for Help program has been updated. Visit SMU’s Live Responsibly site for new information.

Students on Bishop BoulevardIn accordance with a recommendation put forth by SMU’s Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention, SMU has developed and enacted a Good Samaritan and medical amnesty policy, the “Call for Help Program.”

Under the new policy, now in effect, students who seek medical assistance for themselves or another person due to alcohol and/or drug intoxication may be exempt from the SMU disciplinary process, except when it has been determined that another violation of University policy has occurred (such as destruction of University property, fire safety violation, physical harm to another person, or other infraction).

Any exemption from the SMU discipline process granted under the policy may only apply to disciplinary action and/or sanctions under the SMU alcohol and/or drug policies in the SMU Student Code of Conduct. It does not prevent the SMU Police or another police agency from detaining a student, issuing a citation or making an arrest if they deem that action necessary.

The Task Force recommendation establishing the program is one of 36 reviewed by the Faculty Senate and accepted by President R. Gerald Turner in April 2008

Any questions or comments about the policy may be directed to the Dean of Student Life Office, 302 Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

>> Read the entire policy under the cut.


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Brian Stump receives teaching award at General Faculty Meeting

Brian Stump, Albritton Professor in the Huffington Department of Earth Sciences in Dedman College, was honored as the 2007-08 United Methodist Church University Scholar/Teacher of the Year at SMU’s Fall General Faculty Meeting Aug. 28.

President R. Gerald Turner updated the faculty on the upcoming Second Century Campaign and other issues surrounding campus life.

>> Newly tenured faculty and more under the link


Stated attendance requirement? Here.

As the academic year begins, so does SMU’s new focus on keeping stated attendance in undergraduate classes. Professors who teach undergraduates should ensure their students understand that attendance will be monitored in every class, as well as share with their students the method by which they or their department choose to take attendance.

SMU President R. Gerald Turner, after a Faculty Senate review, accepted the recommendation of a stated-attendance requirement from the Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention in April 2008. The policy also is supported by the University Catalog, which already contained a policy regarding attendance.

As stated in Turner’s Response to the Task Force: “The recommendation, properly, does not identify a particular way in which the faculty member should take attendance, nor does it require these records to be turned into a particular office. However, it does call on faculty to announce and utilize an attendance policy, which will be communicated to faculty by their Deans and Department Chairs.”

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DMN praises SMU’s “36 steps forward”

The Dallas Morning News praised the “common-sense ideas” of SMU’s Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention and President R. Gerald Turner‘s approval of new University policies and procedures to fight substance abuse in its “Hits and Misses” editorial column May 3, 2008.

“{SMU] should be a healthier place with the new measures, especially if parents get the message that the university can only do so much and that they have a major role to play, too,” wrote the newspaper’s editorial board. Read more from the DMN website.

Read more on President Turner’s decision.
Visit the Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention website.

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