‘Ethics, Trust, Transparency’ examined at SMU conference Nov. 2

As demonstrators gather in cities across America to protest a range of woes, from economic inequity and corporate greed to the power of lobbyists, SMU’s Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics & Public Responsibility — in conjunction with the Cox School of Business — will explore the ethical practices of big business and government in a conference  Nov. 2, 2011.

Leading business analysts, financial journalists and government watchdogs will be featured during the event, “At Issue: Ethics, Trust and Transparency: Business, Government and the Case for Voter Concern.”

The conference runs 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the Crum Auditorium of SMU’s James M. Collins Executive Center.

With the 2012 presidential election a year away, Maguire Center Director Rita Kirk says that voter dissatisfaction already is evident. “It’s time to take a serious look at what we can do to address the problems that confront us,” she says. “This call for ethical leadership advances the case that voters must demand the government they want, build the communities they desire and build businesses that reflect our yearning for a better life for our families.”

Kirk has extended an invitation to the conference to North Texas business leaders and elected officials, including the Dallas City Council, noting, “Your presence at this conference would help us make a bold statement about our community’s commitment to ethics.”

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