SMU Fashion Week is being made possible through the efforts of (left to right) Meg Jones, Julia Eggleston, Alexandria Harvel, Rebecca Marin, Grace Davis, Kelsey Reynolds, Shelby Foster and Lizzie Ranshaw.

A year ago, Grace Davis, a senior chemistry major and psychology and fashion media minor, was looking at online photos of Fashion Week at the University of Pennsylvania, where her brother is a first-year student. Penn’s Wharton Retail Club has sponsored a fashion week for several years running, and the event looked fantastic. Why, she wondered, can’t we do this at SMU?

One year and lots of hard work later, Davis has her answer: We can. In conjunction with the University’s new fashion media minor in Meadows School of the Arts, SMU students will celebrate style with a week dedicated to fashion and the fashion industry: SMU Fashion Week: March 26-30.

In August 2011, Davis made a phone call to Camille Kraeplin, director of the fashion media program and associate professor of journalism, who liked the idea and agreed to act as faculty adviser for the student-led project. Kraeplin says she is amazed by what Davis and her team have accomplished.

“The event will bring great speakers to campus, speakers who will expose students to all aspects of the fashion industry,” Kraeplin says.

Written by Mary Holbrook, Meadows News

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