We’re excited to bring you a redesigned SMU Forum newsletter that is more versatile, searchable and easier to enjoy than ever. Read more about what our new format can do for you.

SMU Forum now lets you find all articles in a category — News, Calendar Highlights, Research Spotlight, For the Record and others — by clicking the Category link at the bottom right of each story or at the top of the left navigation bar. Linked keywords make it possible to sort your Forum by names and subject matter. Meanwhile, Permalinks at the bottom of each story allow you to save and send easy, permanent links to specific articles.

In addition, with its improved Really Simple Syndication (RSS) capabilities, you can subscribe to the Forum newsfeed, or even to a single subject, through your browser or news reader. Get Forum articles along with your other online news, or just be the first to find out when new stories are published. You’ll know exactly when the Forum has been updated — even on unscheduled publication dates.

Of course, some things won’t change. SMU Forum will continue to cover the news, research, events and accomplishments that matter to University faculty and staff. And our new design will let us serve you even better.

Learn more about RSS and how to create your own online subscriptions in this helpful article from DigitalTrends.com. And please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thanks for reading!