Parking Lot Renovation – Week of 7/16

Everyone seems to be settling in to the new parking situation on the south side of the building. Construction in designated areas will continue next week, including the asphalt overlay of the east side. I know some of you have reached out with concerns about the maximum number of unreserved spaces, but please keep in mind that we will gain another 50 or so spaces once the east side is finished.

SMU Employees/Affiliates

You are free to park anywhere at the Aquatics Center, even in the numbered spaces. In the next couple of weeks we will sandblast off the numbers, but until then, I do apologize for the confusion this has caused.

Ashlea Palladino, CFM, FMP | Associate Director, Property Management and Leasing

Expressway Tower HVAC project planned power outage – 7/21

As a reminder, we will have a phased ONCOR power shutdown to the building next weekend. We will turn off the HVAC on Friday, July 20th at 6pm, and then turn off all power to the building starting Saturday, July 21st at 7am. Since there will be no life safety systems on line during the shutdown, we cannot permit anyone inside the building during this time. The building will be re-energized on Sunday night.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ashlea Palladino, CFM, FMP | Associate Director, Property Management and Leasing

PAB-McFarlin Repairs – Week of 7/16

Week of July 16 scope of work for PAB Draining Improvements and the TAS Improvements Project:

PAB McFarlin Repairs – Week of 7-16

  • PAB west entrance will be closed until the drainage improvement project is completed. This project is scheduled to be completed by August 1st. 15 parking spaces will continue to be fenced off during this project.
  • Air spading for the M-Lot handicap parking spaces will take place on Monday, July 16th. Since this scope of work will be extremely disruptive, we will conclude all air spading by 4pm Monday, in anticipation for the Trustee meeting.
  • Only the new ADA parking spaces will remain closed next week. These spaces will reopen after the completion of the parking lot restriping. The restriping is set to take place after the Drainage Improvement project is completed.

Thank you,

Thierry Diessongo | Project Manager

Binkley/Ownby intersection to close July 13-23

As part of SMU Facilities’ campus improvement projects, the intersection of Binkley Avenue and Ownby Drive will close at 7 p.m. Friday, July 13, until Monday, July 23, to allow for construction on Binkley. Drivers will continue to have access to Binkley Parking Center from Binkley Avenue near Airline Road.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have questions, please contact or 8-7000.

Click here for a campus map.

PAB-McFarlin Repairs – Week of 7/2

PAB and M-Lot will be affected this week as follows:

  • PAB west entrance will be closed until the drainage improvement project is completed. This project is scheduled to be completed by August 1. 15 parking spaces will continue to be fenced off during this project.
  • The north side of the M-Lot and the PAB south entrance (leading to the M-Lot) will reopen on Monday, July 2.
  • The 2nd phase of the TAS improvements will shift to the south side of the M-Lot between Thursday, July 5 – Saturday, July 7. An additional 20 parking spaces will be unavailable in the south section of the M-Lot to provide access for concrete and dump trucks and prevent potential hazards to personal vehicles or pedestrians.
  • 35 total spaces will be unavailable through Friday, July 6.
  • Road repairs on the south side of University Boulevard (along Florence Hall and Carr Collins) will begin on Monday, July 2. Only half of the road will be closed at any time, which would still allow traffic to flow on University Boulevard.  See attached map for details.
  • Loud noises will continue this week around the building.

McFarlin Auditorium roof replacement:

  • A crane will arrive on Monday, July 2 and be set up on the south side of McFarlin Auditorium. Due to the construction, McFarlin Boulevard near Boaz Lane will be closed to traffic, except deliveries and emergency personnel, through Friday, July 13.
  • Vehicles will continue to have access to the M-Lot.

Alternate parking options: 

  • Daniel Parking Center will be closed for maintenance between Saturday, June 30 through approximately Sunday, July 8.
  • Alternate parking will be available in the areas noted below.  See the below link to the SMU campus parking map.
  • all levels of the Airline Parking Center (building 36, “S”)
  • the Commuter Lot “U”
  • employee lot “Q”
  • all levels of the Moody Parking Center (building 96, “B”)
  • levels 3, 4 or 5 of the Binkley Parking Center (building 61, “C”)
  • Meadows Parking Center left hand entry (building 68, “F”)

Campus ParkingMap 2018-19 General Parking

PAB McFarlin Repairs – Week of 7.2

Phase 2 University Blvd Road Closure

For questions or concerns, please contact Thierry Diessongo.

PAB-McFarlin Repairs – Week of 6/25

Click here to see the maps for PAB-McFarlin Repairs – Week of 6.25

  • Map 1 – The area highlighted in red (corner of University Blvd & Boaz Lane) will be closed – ONLY on 6/25
  • Map 1 – PAB’s West Entrance and the 15 parking spaces highlighted will remain closed the entire week
  • Map 2 – This will be 1st phase of the TAS improvement project in the parking lot. ONLY the area highlighted in red on this map will be closed between 6/25 – 6/30 to accommodate Dr. Turner’s vacation time & give handicaps a travel path from the lot.
  • Map 3 – is the 2nd phase of the TAS Improvement project in the parking lot. ONLY the area highlighted (opposite of the phase 1) will be closed between 7/2 – 7/7.

Please note that loud noises will be present during this week, as we will be saw cutting for road repairs.

Please contact Thierry Diessongo with any questions.

Energy Curtailment Season

The Office of Facilities Planning and Management wants to remind you that the season is rapidly approaching when we participate in energy curtailment activities.  These activities will occur during the months of June through September, and can occur multiple times a month.

During a curtailment, temperature set points will be automatically be raised two degrees, with the exception of historically exempt spaces, which will not be affected.  Following a curtailment, the set points will automatically return to normal operating ranges.

As a courtesy, you will be notified prior to any curtailment event.

If you would like further information, please click the link below.

Purpose of Energy Curtailments

Thank you for your partnership.
The Office of Facilities Planning and Management

Expressway Tower Domestic Plumbing Project

We will be shutting off the building water on Wednesday, 5/9 starting at 7pm with service restoration by 4am on Thursday. After this shut down, the contractor will begin the switch over to abandon the old plumbing and use the new plumbing. Most of the work will be focused in the men’s restrooms, which will include intermittent restroom closures each day until complete. Starting May 17th the contractors will need to access some tenant spaces after hours for 30-45 minutes in each space. My colleague Lane Hardin will coordinate these efforts with those of you affected; please look for more information from him next week.

East Campus Parking Lot Renovation: Friday 5/4/18

The parking lot logistics plan for next week is much the same as it was this week. We should be pouring back the large fenced area at the main southeast building entry which will hopefully ease some of the frustrations getting into the building. As I mentioned last week, we will be performing structural repairs in the parking garage starting on Monday, 5/7 at 7pm. If you park in the garage, please make sure your vehicle is moved to the surface lot prior to that time. The garage repairs will continue every evening until complete.