Kingdom Come

by Landon Banister

Love and Hate:
both camps collide
at the weather-worn gate –
“whosoever enters here
abandon your hope,
shed not a tear.”

just angels fight
on Satan’s side
with scales to weigh and wrongs to right –
“these men have sight
but cannot hide;
our just scales must weigh out right.”

here in the end, His glory rendered:
from a rope
hang righteous suspended
by those who lost dear love’s embrace,
the Devil and his sons,
an evil race.

after all what’s left but Fear?
Hate prevails
and no one’s near.

is there any reason
dear father shuns
his believers in the final season?
perhaps some high treason:
a heretic clergy or blasphemous nuns?
or simply for that killing season
when on the cross
hung dead from nails
the only death he found a loss?

now in every ear
from north to south
echoes the victorious jeer –
“there’s Hell on earth with sword and rapier;
deaf ears don’t hear mute mouths
nor cries for saviour.”

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