Lauren Smart – Editor in Chief


Lauren Smart is a senior Creative Writing and Journalism double major. A passionate advocate for the arts, she works for The Daily Campus as the Arts & Entertainment Editor as well as working in development for the brand new experimental, non-profit orchestra Sound and Silence. When she is not working or studying, she likes to ride her bike, eat good food or dance with her friends.

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2 Responses to Lauren Smart – Editor in Chief

  1. steve trimble says:

    I saw a statement that Espejo , the SMU literary magazine had been started in the 1970’s. I was a student at SMU from 1960-64 and was on the staff of the first few issues of the magazine, so it was not the 1970’s. Please get this to whomever might make a correction. I may even have a copy or two if I can locate them.

    Steve Trimble ’64

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