Research Starters – Sociology

Ebsco Publishing is providing Central University Libraries complimentary trial access in the current academic year to a new service, Research Starters – Sociology. The service provides students with a solid foundation for their research and assignments, as well as overview information on topics relevant to their studies. Comprehensive summaries of discipline-specific topics help students to grasp the broad outlines of a subject, realize its real world applications, critically engage it, and locate sources for advanced research. Articles average 3,000 words, providing concise yet more in-depth content than most textbook or encyclopedia entries.

Research Starters – Sociology contains Abstracts, a Keyword List of words pertinent to the articles, an Overview to explain various topics’ relevance to sociology, Further Insights/Applications to demonstrate how the points discussed in the overview can be applied to everyday or academic issues in sociology, a Viewpoints/Issues/Discourse section to help the reader develop a critical perspective on a topic, a glossary of Terms & Concepts, a Bibliography and a Suggested Reading list.

Research Starters suggested reports will appear at the bottom of the right column of any Ebsco search that is related to sociological subjects. Some of the subjects covered include Aging & Elderly Issues, Culture, Day to Day Social Interaction, Deviance & Social Control, Educational Sociology, Family & Relationships, Global Stratification, Population, Urbanization & the Environment, Race & Ethnicity, Sex, Gender & Sexuality, Social Change, Social Interaction in Groups & Organizations, Social Issues & Public Policy, Social Movements & Collective Behavior, Society & Technology.

Contact Evelyn Day, Sociology subject librarian, if you have questions or comments on the service.

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