Oxford Language Dictionaries Online


Oxford Language Dictionaries Online offers fully searchable, comprehensive bilingual dictionaries as well as essential study materials that provide extra help with learning and using an expanding range of languages.

Available language pairs include: Chinese-English, English-Chinese; French-English, English-French; German-English, English-German; Italian-English, English-Italian; Russian-English, English-Russian; Spanish-English, English-Spanish.

The wide ranging materials offer authoritative support for learners, students, and language users at every level. Materials include hundreds of downloadable letters, grammar notes, verb tables, cultural information, and much more.

With Oxford Language Dictionaries Online, users can:

  • Search Oxford’s authoritative bilingual dictionaries to get accurate, up-to-date translations
  • Choose the right word or phrase using contextual clues and examples
  • Use quick search box on every page to find translations
  • Search the full text of the dictionary or restrict a search to specific parts of speech
  • Browse the dictionary using alphabetical entry lists
  • Get click-through explanations of phonetic symbols and mouse-over explanations of parts of speech
  • Insert accented characters (or letters from a different alphabet) using a handy virtual keyboard
  • Print, email, cite, or link all entries
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