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UPDATE 5-15-13: RLSH will make applications for 2013-2014 E-Reps available in August. The position will be open to freshmen living on campus!

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DALLAS (SMU) – Students at SMU have a variety of ways to study and support sustainability, but they don’t have to leave their residence halls for what they can learn from the E-Reps.

SMU’s Environmental Representatives – E-Reps, for short – are 10 students who provide peer role modeling, serve as a resource on sustainability questions and promote environmentally conscious behavior within their assigned residential communities.  E-Reps are sponsored by the SMU Sustainability Committee and supervised by staff from the Office of Residence Life and Student Housing.

Read the full article at http://www.smu.edu/News/2012/e-reps-17sept2012

The role of the E-rep is to provide a series of sustainability initiatives in SMU residential communities on a variety of topics including energy and resource conservation, recycling and other environmental issues. E-Reps will provide peer role modeling, serve as a resource, and promote environmentally conscious behavior within their assigned residential communities. They will also assist students in becoming aware of their everyday lifestyle decisions and understanding the effects an individual can have on the environment, specifically in their residence.

Responsibilities include weekly meetings, programming, creating educational campaigns, distribution of information, writing newsletters, face to face conversations with residents, and conducting surveys and inventories.

Find out more at Residence Life and SMU Sustainability 

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