Why Not?

By CM E-Rep Emily Steinke

I think we can all agree recycling is pretty important. It’s such a simple thing, and an easy way to take care of our environment. The other day, as I dumped my tray in the mall food court trash, I noticed the lack of items in the blue bin and a heaping amount of items in the black bin. I then looked through the trash bin only to find plenty of things that could have been recycled. This confused me. Why don’t these people just recycle, and how can I encourage them to? After a bit of research I came up with five reasons people don’t recycle.

The first reason I found was that recycling was inconvenient. In small areas such as my hometown in Iowa recycling is very inconvenient in the sense that we don’t have curbside recycling programs. Also hauling multiple sticky bags to the local recycling center, which is probably at least twenty minutes away, is just not something you enjoy doing on your day off. So if a city or area isn’t set up to make recycling easy, it’s just not convenient.

Another reason others give for not recycling is their lack of space. People don’t want “garbage” lying around their kitchen, and if there’s no room for another trash can in the pantry or drawer it just gets in the way. Also multiple bins to divide up the separate recyclables just add to the clutter. Also if recycling isn’t convenient there has to be a spot in the house to store bags of recyclables until that person can make it to the redemption center.

Now all the work to separate, store, and transport the recyclables is just not worth it sometimes when certain states don’t offer deposits. Why spend the time when you don’t get a little incentive for your work. You don’t see much of an environmental result and you don’t get reimbursed for your trash bags. This leads into another reason to not recycle. It doesn’t seem as if one person can make a difference. Why put in all that work when some loser is going to null and void all you work by not recycling?

Last but not least recycling isn’t done because it’s so hard! Sorting, knowing what’s recyclable and what’s not, and knowing what’s what confuse people. This along with the other reasons I stated above prevents people from recycling. Yet there is hope. Continue reading for a few reasons why you should put in that effort.
Recycling saves energy. Manufacturers don’t have to make products from raw materials therefore cutting down energy consumption and production costs. Recycling reduces landfills, saves animal habitats, and paper recycling alone saves thousands of oxygen producing trees! It preserves our resources, and protects our wildlife. The more you recycle and demand recyclable products, the more they will be produced! By recycling you make it easier on the economy. Recycling uses less water and energy and pollution is reduced. Last but not least it lessens the amount of greenhouse gas emissions limiting global warming.

Now look back at the common reasons I gave for the lack of recycling. Reread the reasons I gave for recycling. Which one do you think states the stronger argument? That’s what I thought. Use that blue bin y’all!

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