Green Resolution

What fills up faster- the trash can or recycling bin?

The correct answer is trash can, because that’s just the way our society works right now. We need quick and convenient in our everyday lives. (If in all honesty you recycle more items than you throw away, you are a sustainability superhero and deserve a hug.)

Think about fast food restaurants for a moment. That’s an entire industry serving our need for nourishment on the go. Many people take the food out, so it’s packaged in disposable paper bags and cups. Even if you don’t take it out, you’re eating pretty fast, and the establishment saves more time by not washing dishes. Your food is soon gone to your stomach and the wrappers/cups soon gone to the trash. Disregarding that most fast food places don’t collect recyclables anyway, recycling facilities don’t usually take waxy paper cups and foam cups because those items are too tricky to process profitably.


Most people will just shrug that off and wait for someone somewhere to figure something out. Throwing it all in the trash puts the waste out of sight and out of mind. But after seeing lovely parks and forests littered with foam cups, and a few pictures like this from Hawaii.

I have decided I don’t want to wait for municipalities and business to figure out how to solve this. I am within complete power to address what I consider a serious problem, and I am fully capable of starting now.

So, as of January 1st, 2013, I am resolving to never use a single-use disposable cup. 

You may get what I’m saying right off the bat and think I’m crazy. Or you may be confused. So, to put it plainly, I essentially cannot have Sonic drinks anymore, because Sonic drinks come in a single-use disposable cup. If I forget to bring my travel mug to Starbucks or Cafe 100 or even Umph, I cannot have coffee. If I go to a hall program and forget my reusable cup, I cannot have anything to drink. If I go to any fast food restaurant and am told I cannot use my own cup, I will have to walk out or not have anything to drink.

In 2013, I will either be thirsty all the time, or become a sustainability superhero.

I’ve already got a few sidekicks that’ll tag along in my backpack. I think I’ll have a successful mission.

By VS E-Rep, Jewel Lipps

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