Sustainability for the i-Generation

By Morrison-McGinnis E-Rep Quyen Tong

As smartphone capabilities increase, smartphone users are realizing that their smartphones are not only serviceable for phone calls and texting, but also sufficient for a multitude of functions. One function, for example, is the camera. Now that smartphones have resolution as good as digital cameras, users are ditching their digital camera and just using the cameras on their phones. People are also replacing their GPS and video recorder with their phones. This convergence of multiple devices into one is not only extremely convenient and economical, but also sustainable. By using your phone as an all-in-one device, you are not using the batteries or energy that it would take to operate all those other gadgets (camera, GPS, etc.); rather you are just using the power to charge your phone (which you are going to do anyways). By doing this, you REDUCE your consumption of batteries and electricity, thus, living more sustainably. As technology evolves, we have more opportunities to incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives in new and creative ways. Your smartphone can do so many cool things. Take advantage of that and help out the planet along the way. Browse the Android Market or App Store to see what kind of applications you can in lieu of another gadget.

Tips for longer lasting phone battery
(less charging…saves energy)

  • Avoid using moving or animating pictures or videos as your background.
  • Use black background as much as possible. Your phone screen uses a lot less power displaying black instead of white. When web browsing, use, which displays a black Google background.
  • Turn the brightness of the display to the lowest setting possible.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when not using.
  • Turn off vibration using just the ring tone.


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