Lights Out Cookout

Shuttles Hall E-Rep Jingjing Yang reviews the event and invites you to our spring programs:

What better ways to conserve energy than switching off the lights and unplugging electrical appliances? SMU residents learned it the fun way.

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, October 21st 2012, the Environmental Representatives (E-Reps) organized a cookout for residents living on campus.

To gain admission to the two-hour outdoor event, residents simply had to switch off the lights and unplug electrical appliances in their room, and bring with them to the South Quad lawn any recyclable item, such as cereal boxes, aluminum cans, newspapers, just to name a few.

Drinks, salad, hotdogs and burgers were served on decomposable plates, as well as with biodegradable utensils and cups. There were several bins on site, one for decomposable items (which were later brought to a designated recycling plant for treatment), one for recyclable objects, as well as one for non-recyclable/non-decomposable waste. SMU residents were informed of how their efforts in sorting their thrash into different bins could help make SMU a more sustainable environment.

Game booths were set up for participants to learn more on topics such as recycling, sustainability and climate change. One of the most popular games allowed residents to place various objects into the recycling bin or the non-recycling bin. Many participants walked away learning that pizza boxes or any containers contaminated with food could not be recycled, which was something they were unaware of.

The event was well received by all participants, as not only had they learned one thing or two about sustainability and were able to walk way with prizes and freebies while they did so, they also had a chance to interact with the E-Reps.

If you missed this amazing cookout, be on the look out for more events put up by the E-Reps, especially in the spring semester. We look forward seeing you!

Go Green, SMU!

By Jingjing Yang

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