Why are their no trays in Umph by Taylor Henry

The RFOC at Umphrey-Lee (or “Umph”) has been steadily improving their options over the years; there is more variety and better variety. This is of great importance because, as we all know, the first year meal plan practically requires you to spend most of your time eating there. Hats off to the staff at Umph. Thank you for the improvements.
The quality of food is not the only improvement, though. There has also been a steady shift towards sustainability at the RFOC. The topic I want to discuss involves one of these initiatives and its direct impact on food-consumers at SMU (that could be you!): trays. Or you may be more familiar with: lack of trays…
If you are a first year, you may laugh at others speaking of trays at Umph. But I promise you, it is no myth. They were once here, and I don’t think it’s cause we are waiting for the new generation. It is actually becoming quite the trend in the business of becoming more green. For those who are greatly distressed with having to walk half marathons back and forth between the line and your table because you are given portions on your plate that resemble your kindergarten lunch, please let me share with you a reason for this “injustice.”
Trays became something of a necessity in the fat food world. We had to be able to hold our entree plate and side plate and side cup and dessert cup/plate and drink cup, after all… As we began to realize the waste that came from this method of service, the system began to change but the trays remained. During that awkward era of the tray’s identity crisis, you may have sometimes received a tray for a drink cup! Well, maybe not that ridiculous. But close! Even those trays, which shouldn’t even count as used, must be washed. And there is where the green police come in. They have done a good thing to conserve our valuable resource of water by removing trays from Umph. So please understand as you begin your 5K during lunch: it’s for a good cause. Walk for water.

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