Ready, Set, Conserve by Keya Davani

Ready, Set, Conserve

Boaz Knows about conserving water.

Big Mac likes recycling, not trash.

If you thought Boaz and McElvaney couldn’t conserve their resources in their residence halls, then think again! SMU has an environmental footprint meter that can track how much electricity, water, heating, and cooling each building on campus uses; which means, we are watching. That’s right, students of Southern Methodist University are watching to see what each community is wasting and what we can improve on. We want to know what we are doing wrong and how we can fix it. But first, to get anyone motivated you’ve got to have a competition involved. That’s where the national Water and Energy Conservation Competition comes in. The building dashboard website <> where we find out how much each building on campus is using also tells us where we stand in comparison to other schools. As of right now, SMU is 19th on the list of schools with the most reduction in waste. I say, we need to be number one!

Calling out to all students to make a difference; if we can work together now to cut down waste in the residence halls, we can better our school, better our city, and better our country. So here we stand; ask not what SMU can do for you… ask what you can do for SMU.

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