Water Consumption and YoU

Hey everyone! Ever wonder how much water we consume both here on campus and at home? Well, lucky for you, I???ve been monitoring Dallas Hall and Hawk Apartments to see how much water each uses per week respectfully. Dallas Hall consumes on average around $9 worth of water a day, equivalent to around 1350 gallons. Hawk Apartments on the other hand use about $23 a day, which translates to around 3500 gallons. Not surprisingly, the residential building uses much more water on any given day. Fortunately, there are many quick and easy methods we can take to reduce our water consumption. Some include: storing drinking water in the fridge, turning the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving, using the dishwasher only when it???s full, and limiting shower times. It is crucial that we try to employ these tips for water consumption because the most recent study explains that SMU used 200,000 gallons of water last year alone, equivalent to about $1 million! Our efforts to conserve water are made even more important thanks to the fact that of all the water on earth, only 0.3% is useable by humans! In conclusion, it has become all the more apparent that we need to do our part to conserve water both at home, and while here on campus at SMU.

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