My Trip on the DART

Hey! I just wanted to tell you all about my experience riding the DART this weekend. When I saw that Central Market was having their Festival of Chocolate in honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be cool idea for my friend Saira and I to try out public transportation in Dallas and some chocolate! (Even chocolate with bacon bits. Weird.)
A lot of students at SMU don’t use public transportation because they just don’t know about it. They also think it’s inconvenient or takes much longer than simply driving a car. After my trip, I realized that it’s actually not difficult, and when you consider having to walk to Binkley to get your car or hitting all of the stop signs and stop lights around campus, riding the DART or bus doesn’t take that much longer.
Riding the DART was an easy and environmentally friendly way for me to get where I needed to go. So get your $5 DART pass and Park-n-Pony and try it out!

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