DART anyone?

This month, for our topic of eco-friendly transportation, we were all asked to use the public transit system, a.k.a. the DART, with convenient drop-off and pick-up points here at SMU. At first, being my first time to use the DART, I was honestly a little intimidated. So, my roommate and I decided to pick a destination close to home, Mockingbird Station. We first went online to the DART website (http://dart.org), and planned out our route. We decided to leave at one on Saturday February 6th. We plugged in our starting destination, our final destination, requested time of departure, and the rest was a breeze! The destination planner outlined our route, time of departure (12:53), duration, and even included a map highlighting the path the bus followed. All in all, the online system takes away the hassle and confusion of using a new bus system for the first time, and makes for a much more relaxing experience. Though it’s possible to purchase a yearlong DART pass for just $5, my roommate and I decided to pay the one-time ride fee (exact change required). The ride itself was relaxing, and admittedly much better than making the hike over to Mockingbird Station on foot. Upon arriving, we exited the bus at our stop with ease and decided to see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus at the Angelika Theatre at Mockingbird Station, which by the way turned out to be a really interesting movie. Afterwards, we ate a late lunch at Vapiano, and, after unfortunately eating way too much, decided to walk off the pizzas and walk back to campus instead of waiting for the bus to return to the bus stop. Overall, especially as a student without a car, I completely recommend using the DART system to get around here in Dallas. It’s both an easy and economic way to get where you need to go, and not too mention a little bit easier on you then walking.

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