Why Not Try the DART?

For this month’s blog entry, we have asked the E-Reps to grab a friend and take Dallas public transportation somewhere and then tell us about their experience. In the spirit of this challenge, I thought I would write about why I love DART and give you my suggested places you can easily DART to from the SMU campus. I had never ridden on a train or subway until I went to Europe a few years ago. Now, I am hooked and love to use the public transit system in any city that has one! It is always a fun adventure and can be so easy and convenient. Dallas’s lightrail system is not nearly as developed as many metro areas, but they are slowly getting there. So why am I advocating using the DART? Well despite the obvious environmental benefits of reducing pollution, there are reasons why it can have personal benefits for you with all its convenience and stress reducers. No sitting in traffic! No jerk cutting you off as they run the red light or pretend Central Expressway is their own personal NASCAR speedway. You don’t have to circle a parking garage or parking lot trying to find a parking spot. No paying for valet (or being embarrased to hand the keys for the white beast over to someone who is more used to parking SUVs and BMWs). So here are my suggestions of places to go!

1. West Village
2. Downtown Art District
3. Dallas Zoo
4. North Park Mall
5. Deep Ellum and the Farmers’ Market
6. Fair Park (and the Texas State Fair)
7. Fort Worth
8. Central Market
9. Victory Park and American Airline Center
10. West End

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