3 Days, You CAN do it!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about to two restaurants in the Dallas Area that I ate at while refraining from meat for 3 days! As someone who tries to go vegetarian and organic for at least 4 weeks out of the year, I really enjoyed this challenge. But as I know, many people find it difficult to remove meat from their diet all together… therefor I have posted some great restaurants that offer incredible, delicious food that is still sustainable, meat free, and have a positive impact on our Earth and ourselves! First is Cosmic Cafe, a delicious vegetarian restaurant on Oak Lawn that is open every day of the week. Not only does Cosmic Cafe offer a delicious menu consisting of everything from vegetarian enchiladas to vegetarian pizza, but it also holds meditation, yoga, and sufi/zen poetry classes. Cosmic Cafe is truly an out of this world restaurant that everyone (vegetarian or not) must experience. Not only is one doing a good to our planet by skipping meat for a meal, one is also doing good for themselves by participating in one of their amazing classes. Next is Bliss Raw Cafe & Elixir Bar on Greenville Avenue, also open 7 days a week. Here is an excerpt from their website that truly sums what they are all about, up. “No matter what your eating preferences may be, we encourage you to engage your curiosity and enthusiasm by trying something new-tricious. Be our guest. You don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan, raw foodist, or dynamite chef to enjoy great tasting, healthy cuisine! BLISS serves only pristine, 100% raw and organic nourishment for the health of everyday superheroes like you. We are committed to using high ingredients from organically grown sources…” WOW! So take the time out to try these fabulous restaurants. Do well for yourself while doing good for our planet!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Cosmic Cafe and Bliss’s websites!


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