Going cold turkey ( or more accurately without it.)

Hey Y’all! Hope that everone had a relaxing break and is enjoying 2010. As part of turning over a new leaf in the new year, I’ve been looing into what it’s like to eat vegetarian. I was spending time with my cousin over the break, a Vegan for a few years now, and decided to join her for a few day and cut meat out of my diet. The first day was pretty easy. I wasn’t even really thinking about the changes I’d made to my diet, but it was the second day that was the hardest. I was starting to feel like there was something missing, like I might not be meeting my full nutrional needs. But as Chris mentioned, there are numerous protein substitutes available out there, and if you focus less on what your taking out of your diet, and more on the wide variety available, it can be a very rewarding lifestyle. Overall, I found that my the meatless three days to be a very rewarding experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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