Tips for Sustainable Food Consumption: A Trip to the Farmers’ Market

Hey, everyone!
Over the break, a few friends and I decided to spend an afternoon at the Farmers’ Market here in Dallas to check out some locally grown produce. Going grocery shopping may sound boring, but the Farmers’ Market has tons to offer. You can walk through the four sheds full of freshly grown produce, have lunch outside at the restaurant, or even see the huge garden on one side of the grounds. Each vendor is friendly and usually willing to let you sample some of their fruits and vegetables!
Eating locally grown produce is good for the environment because it dramatically cuts down on the carbon emissions required to transport fruits and vegetables across the country. At the Dallas market, you can usually find a large variety of local produce in Shed 1.
Since I had such a good time with my experience at the Farmers’ Market, I would strongly recommend others to try it out. Bring cash with you; once you try some of the foods, you’ll definitely want to buy a few!
– Jessie

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