Tips for Sustainable Food Consumption: Chris’ Vegetarian Experience

Hey everybody! Hope all of you had a relaxing time over the holidays and are back and ready for the upcoming semester. Over break, I decided to attempt a thoroughly new experience when I visited my Aunt and Uncle in Youngstown, Ohio. Over the course of my four day visit I ate an entirely vegetarian diet. Being that both my cousin and Aunt are vegetarians, there was at least an ample supply of different and delicious foods. However at the start, I was admittedly rather hesitant to go through with my endeavor. I mean, I’ll be honest, I love to eat meat and I wasn’t sure if I could refrain from eating it for four days. I expected the vegetarian alternatives to be neither filling or even tasty. Fortunately, I my fears went entirely unrealized. In fact, almost everything I ate was both delicious and in some cases even more filling than the meat alternative. Out of the experience I have to say my two unexpected favorite foods are tofu and soy milk. I was also surprised at the variety of vegetables that I’ve never before tried but now regularly incorporate into my diet. Even more interestingly, I learned that various types of beans not only replace the protein that meat provides, but they do so while offering less fat! Many of these vegetarian alternatives are cheaper than their meat counterparts and are easy to find for purchase. As a final thought I have to mention that organic fruits are not only better for sustainable food consumption, but also much more delicious as well! -Chris

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