Eco-Purchasing in Dallas

Now that you have developed a Dallas eco-purchasing guide for your communities, discuss some of your unique finds/locations to purchase eco-friendly items. Also, discuss some of the benefits and challenges of eco-buying.

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  1. Chris Wolf says:

    Hey everybody, Chris, here to let you all know a little bit about the values of, and some opportunities for, eco-purchasing for us college students here in Dallas! First off, consumption is a serious issue facing our society today, and if we don’t watch our purchases, we will continue down a slippery slope that can have dangerous and lasting effects on our environment. Some tips that we can follow here at SMU are to purchase locally grown goods, support free trade, buy more used items, and avoid products with excess packaging, to name a few. Some great stores here in Dallas where you can purchase some of these more eco-friendly goods are: Green LIving, Farmers’ Market, Whole Foods, Roy’s Natural Grocery, and White Rock Coffee. Below is the link to an Eco-Buying Guide I put together that has more detailed infomation about local shops and what you can do help reduce your carbon footprint and be more eco-conscious in your purchases!

    Download file

  2. Jessie Hart says:

    A Short Guide to the Best Places in Dallas for Eco-Friendly Items

    FOOD: Go organic! Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, genetic engineering, or antibiotics, so they’re better for you and the environment.
    Try: Central Market @ Greenville and Lovers Lane

    LIGHT BULBS: When you’re replacing your light bulbs, reach for CFLs because they use ?? of the energy of a regular light bulb and can last for 7-10 years!
    Try: Lights Fantastic @ Greenville and Fondren

    CLEANING SUPPLIES: From dishwashing soap to laundry detergent, to bathroom cleaner, GreenWorks products by Clorox are the best way to go. They’re made of all-natural ingredients that don’t clog waterways or give off harmful fumes.
    Try: Kroger @ Greenville and Mockingbird

    Other Tips to Shop Smart:
    1. Look for items without excess packaging. It all just goes into the trash later.
    2. If an item is available in a non-plastic version, buy that instead. Plastics use a ton of petroleum both in the production process and when they’re recycled.
    3. Bring your own reusable bag! Since you can buy them at almost any store from Forever 21 to Target, you’re sure to find one you like.

    Although many eco-friendly products seem more expensive, many of them, like CFL bulbs, actually save you money in the long run. Remember that when you buy green products, you’re using your consumer dollar to support them. It is predicted that when more people increase their demand for these items, the prices will decrease and everyone will be living green!

  3. Katy Grossman says:

    I love shopping as much as the next person, but making eco purchases can make the experience even more worth while. Here’s some places to buy great eco products to keep you up to date!

    Kroger- They have a great variety of fair trade products such as coffee, chocolate, and tea. In addition, they have really cute reusable bags so you can carry your groceries in style!

    Bath and Body Works-Not only are some these products mostly natural they smell amazing. Bonus-none of their products are tested on animals!

    Tom Thumb-This was the mother load for me. In honor of Earth Day this year Tom Thumb released an entire line of eco cleaning products called Bright Green line. They have everything from recycled, chlorine free toilet paper to all purpose made all natural with no harmful chemicals. My favorite product is the Ultra Hand dish wash liquid because not only is it completely biodegradable, phosphate-free, petroleum free-it comes in a couple great scents and is very effective at cleaning.

    You don’t need to harm the environment when you clean just head to the two very convenient Tom Thumb locations near campus and shop away!

  4. Emily Kellogg says:


    Between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, the United States ALONE produces up to 5 million extra tons of trash!

    Why everyone should consume less:

    1.Number of extra tons of trash produced in the U.S. each year between Thanksgiving and New Year???s Day: 5 MILLION
    2.Total U.S. credit-card debt: OVER $600 BILLION
    3.Americans spend APPROX. $1,042 on holiday gifts (Annual per capita income of a Vietnamese citizen: $280)

    List of Great Eco-Friendly Stores that you can access online (GREAT gift ideas!):
    1.Beautorium: Great organic beauty products.
    2. Nimli: “Green” Clothes & great holiday gifts
    3. Cool Planet Store & Great Green Goods: Green Gadget Stores, also great for gifts! and

    So think GREEN this Holiday everyone! You can make someone’s holiday season very special, while saving the earth!

    Good luck!

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