Self-Knowledge: Waste Management

What did you think of the waste management activities described in the Carnegie Mellon E-Rep Manual? What activities did you like or dislike? Could those activities be adapted for SMU? Would they be affective in educating your peers?

Give me your thoughts!

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4 Responses to Self-Knowledge: Waste Management

  1. Nick Bastoni says:

    I really like the garbage track one, since it related to what we’ve been doing this month, and it allowed me to get a better idea of just how much people were throwing away, recycling, using their bins, etc. I asked some people in my hall to keep track of how often they were emptying their trash and recycling bins. There was some deviations, bit it roughly came down to most people emptying their trash bins once a week, and their recycling bins about twice every three weeks. I’d love to hear back from people in other areas to get an idea of how my community compares to y’alls. (Yay for Texas-slang)

  2. Jessie Hart says:

    For this month, I did the recycling quiz.
    I made a short quiz on a flier with lots more information about recycling, and rather than printing it and distributing it to my residents, I sent it attached to an email.
    It actually worked really well as an educational campaign.
    I think everyone read it; I tried to make it colorful, interesting, and easy to read.
    Definitely an idea I’d recommend! Good luck!

  3. Chris Wolf says:

    For this month both my roomate and I carried around and used reusable water bottles. It’s been especially convenient for me lately, since I’ve been sick for the past couple of days. It is very simple and easy to carry one of these bottles, and it’s a great way for the average student to be more environmentally friendly. was even able to convince my roomie to continue using one of these bottles from now on!

  4. Katy Grossman says:

    Katy Grossman:
    This month I hesitantly embarked on a Garbage track for my room which I intend to pass on to my communities. The concept is fairly simple: Keep track of how many times you empty your trash a week and track it for a month. I was hesitant because, like all students, I enjoy to go containers from Mac’s place and the occasional delivery pizza and the waste really starts to add up. I was nervous about finding out how much waste I was accumulating. The results of my tracking were pleasantly not too bad (I empty about once a week which added up to about 3/4 of a trash can a month for my roommate, my friends’ trash, and mine), but I polled around and came up with some waste saving tips from students:
    1. Don’t get bags at Mac’s place. Most of the time you can carry it by yourself anyway.
    2. Buy those cute (or alternatively manly for the boys) reusable grocery bags/shopping bags. Most grocery stores have them now or you can even bring your own.
    3. Buy a reusable water container-the new ones are made of metal so they are healthier than plastic bottles.
    4. If your printer screws up and prints the wrong pages (happens to me all the time) you can reuse the pages by placing them face up in the tray. When the printer takes the paper it will print of the opposite side.
    Let me know if you have anymore tips!
    Stay green SMU!

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