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Jacob Nice, SMU ‘15, is exploring the customs and practices of an international touring theatre company. (Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith)

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NP 5

Final performance at Nottingham Playhouse

Tuesday, May 13th

I had lunch with Johnny and Michael at Carluccio’s in Dublin. We had a really nice time reflecting on the tour and talking about the company’s plans for the year to come. They thanked me for my work; I thanked them for letting me come along on such an incredible tour. We sat, ate and talked for nearly 3 hours before we parted ways and I headed home.

Things I learned on tour:

-How to communicate effectively when working with crews who are new to your production

-How many of the dancers act in the pieces, they allow the dances to take them on an “emotional journey”

-Crumpets must be eaten with excessive amounts of melted butter and jam

-Fish and chips should be enjoyed wrapped in newspaper, seasoned with salt and vinegar, and consumed via wooden fork

-How a Deputy Stage Manager can act as a translator between choreographer/dancer, score, and crew

-To be gentle when using your finger to open LX tape (Chris and Gemma, that’s for you if you’re reading this)

-How yoga can make one feel physically and mentally grounded, stable and quiet

-The Cornish sea is really, really cold and should probably be entered only in wet suits

-How exhausting a split-week tour can be after 5 weeks

-How annoying shredded trash bags (our “snow”) can be for a crew, yet how stunning they can look for an audience

-How pleasant working for a company of considerate, dedicated, authentic artists can be

-Much, much more… I still need time to mentally digest!

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