Clinton Global Initiative University

Thomas Schmedding, SMU ’16, is working with Adam Goff, SMU ’16, on a micro-finance loan project, PropeLend Economic Empowerment Ventures, which will harness public support for economic development by empowering impoverished residents of developing nations to seek loans for entrepreneurship.  

This past weekend I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona for a convention with some of the brightest minds of our generation. Many of the students who attended are on the cutting edge of social innovation and policy making. This culmination of over 1000 students and their ideas was brought together by the Clinton Foundation, an organization spearheaded by Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton.

Each student or small group of students addressed specific social problems by creating a commitment to action. Our commitment to action regarded microfinance loans in developing countries. Once paid back, these loans will be bundled into grants for the Dallas community.

The event featured many guest speakers including The Clintons, Jimmy Kimmel, John McCain, Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), and several prominent activists. In between the speakers were meetings with CEOs and innovators at the top of their fields. Each student had the opportunity to gain insight and perfect their plan for start-up and initiation.

Overall, I would say the experience my research partner and I gained at CGIU will prove very influential in our coming business planning.

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