London Bound

Junior Lauryn Bodden has begun a food as culture project locally and, while studying in London, will expand her knowledge of the glocal food movement, comparing Londoners’ attitudes about food and eating habits with Americans. Follow Lauryn’s food blog


As my junior year at Southern Methodist University (SMU) comes to a close, I look onto this final school year with an overwhelming amount of emotions, questions, and  wonder. This past semester alone has been a whirlwind of new experiences and change that when all thrown together have brought me to exactly where I want to be. I know the person I wish to encompass, my daily passions in life, what brings me excitement in my work, where I want to be in the future, and the people I want surrounding me through it all.

Finals are done and grades are posted, but the year is nowhere near a close. Come May 22, everything will change. By 7:30 pm Wednesday night, I will be high above the United States, soaring across the vast Atlantic ocean, heading toward my final destination: the booming city of London. One of fifteen students participating in the SMU Communications Internship program, I couldn’t imagine a better way to further my education, gain unique professional experience, discover the cultures of the world, and uncover more of who I am as an individual. London is a leading global city, with strengths all over the board. It has the fifth-largest metropolitan area GDP in the world and is one of the most-visited cities in the world. With more than 300 languages spoken, there’s a diverse range of people and cultures. Without a doubt, I know just simply roaming the city streets I will push myself pass limits and gain knowledge in a way that I could never replicate.

In addition to this amazing opportunity, I will conduct undergraduate research through the SMU Engaged Learning program, studying the food culture of America versus that of London. Food is necessary not only for sustainable purposes, but for identity, culture, tradition, and sociological being. It is a huge part of every individual’s day, providing nourishment, entertainment, and comfort, but its importance is often overlooked. Through participant observation, interviews, and other qualitative research analysis, I want to investigate how people on a global landscape eat, cook, and relate to food in a way that is similar and different than we as Americans do.

Self-diagnosed with what I like to call “Food A.D.D.,” I feel this blog alone is enough evidence of the extreme foodie living inside me. Reflecting on restaurant explorations as well as home cooking ventures, I use my blog to show the association I make to the surrounding world through my love my food. It is a source that will further my research findings and help me share every amazing, scary, and mind-blowing second of these next 6 weeks in London. Come along on this journey with me by following my blog and be a part of this next big chapter of my life.

Ready or not, London here I come!!

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