Sailors Ahoy!

Since arriving in Guatemala, I never cease to be amazed by the amount of rain that falls on a daily basis. While the morning will have clear skies, as the afternoon rolls around, what was once a bright sunny day turns into a torrent of rain. Soon the streets are filled with small rivers and one can barely see a few feet in front of them. The rain falls on a regular timed schedule and as a result, many individuals begin to work early in the day.

Just today when I was conducting interviews storm clouds began to move in, turning the sky various shades of dark grey. Luckily for me, I planned accordingly and wore my rain boots as a precaution.  Once my interviews finished I needed to travel back to the main road. Navigating through the rainforest on my way back, to me, seemed like trekking through a small hurricane. The rain and wind whipped my hair around my face and lightning streaked through the sky.  As thunder pounded, the river nearby began to flood the small street I was walking on. What once began as a puddle of rain to walk through soon turned into a river with water up to my knees. I was glad that the trees with their large leaves gave some shelter from the rain. I felt as if I should have brought a small canoe to make it back to the main road.

I look back now and think that it was a difficult trek through the rain but had I not done it I would not have met some amazing people to interview deep within the forest.  Once the rain calmed down I was able to do some splashing, singing and dancing in the rain.

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain” – Author Unknown

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