Exploring Galore

While conducting my research in Guatemala I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet various individuals also actively involved in the country. From academics, to professors and medical professionals I have learned so much about the country.  Each individual that I have met also has a deep connection with Guatemala. While some medical professionals have been to Guatemala since the late 1960s others have only recently come to complete mission trips in villages.

Additionally, just today I had the opportunity to visit the Universidad del Valle.  At the University, I was able to conduct research in the Department of Anthropology. The University has such a beautiful campus and there are approximately 3000 students on campus. The various careers that one can pursue range from engineering, to science, to business. Finally, there have been students from the United States that have come to complete fellowships at the Universidad del Valle. I had such a great time exploring the campus and the library.

Lastly, I also had the opportunity to visit El Centro de Estudios Folklóricos in Guatemala City. The center was built to document and preserve the culture and ethnography of Guatemala. The individuals in the center were so friendly and eager to help me with my research. I was able to peruse many books and literature texts over ethnomedicine. What was also very exciting to explore were the various artifacts that were on display in the library room. Many of the artifacts were from pre-Columbian eras. All in all, today was such a productive day that I could not have asked for much more!

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