Night Numero Uno

So, last night was the first night staying in the UNHCR tent for me.  The tent is huge!  It could easily fit 10 people or more and considering I was one of the two people partying in the UNHCR tent (Whoo! Whoo! Party time!), we had plenty of room for ourselves.
At about 12:20am, I went to sleep with the gentle strummings of an acoustic guitar.  I woke up 3 or 4 times for various reasons.  Once at sometime around 2am to zip up my sleeping bag all the way up (it was a little colder than I expected last night, mid-50’s maybe?), once more at 3:44am to the sounds of man running wire or power cables or something, another at 6:40 to the birdsong of a grackle, then finally at about first light.  I have slept in a tent before but not doing so without a sleeping pad between me and the hard ground. So, I was definitely achy this morning, like an old man.  The nice thing that I liked about the UNHCR tent compared to the other structures is that we weren’t directly touching the ground at anytime. No wet grass, no dirty dirt, and for the most part no bugs ( while combing my hair this morning, I may have found one or two)

So, in summary here’s a list of things that I learned last nights:

  • The ground is hard and cold
  • I hate grackles
  • Electricians get up early
  • Bugs are everywhere
  • AND Guitars are pleasant to fall asleep to

Ryan Youngquist ’13

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