2016-2017 Interdisciplinary Fellowship in the Digital Humanities

The fellowship experience will let you explore new ideas and topics, broaden your expertise, enhance your sophistication in interviews, and see how your skills relate to and can be helpful to those in other fields. Students will leave this course with the skills necessary to execute a digital humanities project and engage in top-level conversations across many fields. This will be the 3rd year of the interdisciplinary fellowship, and the 1st year to focus on digital humanities. Deadline to apply is 5/23.

For more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Programs/Graduate%20Fellowship%20Program

Call for Research Cluster Proposals for 2016-17

The DCII offers a home for informal collaborative and interdisciplinary research clusters who wish to meet together at least twice during any given semester to discuss shared interests. These clusters should be open to faculty and graduate students from across the campus and should each have two faculty or grad student conveners responsible for the cluster’s activities. We welcome participants from other universities in the DFW area as well as from the broader community. Deadline for Proposals is May 20. For more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Programs/ResearchClusters

Epinephrine, a Positive and Negative Effector of Stress and Stress-Induced Illness

Event date: May 2
Time: 3:30 p.m.

Join Dona Lee Wong, Ph.D. of Harvard Medical School for a special guest lecture on her work. This event is sponsored by the DCII’s Biopsychosocial Research Cluster and the Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery (CD4).

For more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Events


Inaugural Faculty Book Fest!

Event date: May 3, 2016
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Remarks at 2:30 p.m.
Location: Dallas Hall Rotunda

This is books scramble. Many books to scatter under sky.

Take a break on Reading Day and join us to celebrate all books published by SMU faculty members in 2015. Refreshments and raffle prizes will be provided! RSVP at smubookfest.eventbrite.com or 214-768-3527.


Event: The Use of Statistical Evidence in Two Areas of the Law

Event Date: April 15
Time: 12:15 p.m. with lunch
Location: Godwin Gruber Lawyer’s Inn – The Private Dining Room

Joseph L. Gastwirth, Professor of Statistics and Economics from George Washington University, as he discusses the analysis of data arising in jury discrimination cases and how statistical studies and measures are used to assess the health risks of drugs or exposures to chemical agents. This event is sponsored by the DCII Fellow Seminar, “Law and Statistics.” Please R.S.V.P. with efielding@smu.edu or 214-768-3527.

Contact for more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Events

An SMU alumnus’ perspective on writing about science

Daily Campus

Originally Posted: April 8, 2016

The edges of the audiences’ lips curved upwards into cheeky grins as SMU alumnus Stephen Ornes said the first name he had chosen for his lecture on science writing: “Liars, Deniers, Doubters and evidence, where do we go from here?”

The physics and english degree-holder changed the name of his April 7 lecture to “Real and Imaginary Hazards in Writing about Science.” The lecture, which was held at 5:30 p.m. in the Fondren Science Building, highlighted the problems and solutions in the ongoing efforts to inform the public about scientific findings and their implications. READ MORE

Event: Public Intellectuals, A Roundtable Discussion

Event date: 04/13/2016
Event time: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Location: Heroy Science Hall 153

“Public intellectuals” bring complex ideas to the public sphere, advancing the cause of human knowledge for as wide a public as possible. Join two prominent public intellectuals, anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann and neuroscientist Marco Iacoboni, as they share their groundbreaking research and discuss strategies for public engagement and the translation of research for audiences outside the academy. Sponsored by the DCII’s Faculty Seminar Beyond Two Cultures: Reconciling Science and Humanities.

For more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Events


Event: Prosecutors, Violent Offenses, and Public Budgets: The Real Causes of Prison Growth and What They Mean for Reform

Event date: 04/08/2016

Event time: 12:15 p.m.

Join Professor of Law John Pfaff, from Fordham University, as he discusses his paper on the causes of the explosive growth in the US prison population. Sponsored by the DCII’s Faculty Seminar, “Law and Statistics”. Lunch Provided. Please RSVP at efielding@smu.edu or 214-768-3527.

Contact for more information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Events


DCII’s Scientific Literacy Series will conclude with an April 7 lecture on the challenges of writing about science and an April 8 panel exploring the way it’s taught in educational settings

SMU News

Science writer Stephen Ornes will present a lecture titled, “Real and Imaginary Hazards in Writing About Science,” on Thursday, April 7. A panel discussion featuring Perot Museum of Nature and Science Vice President of Learning and Engagement Jamie Creola, Plano ISD Science Department head Ramy Mahmoud and former Teach for America STEM content specialist and current SMU lecturer Laura West titled “Teaching Science” will be held on Friday, April 8, moderated by Rena Pederson, an SMU adjunct professor, former journalist, author and public relations guru. READ MORE

Who’s invited: Both events are free and open to the public

When: 5:30 p.m. lecture, Thursday, April 7

4:30 p.m. panel, Friday, April 8
Reception at 4 p.m.

Where: Thursday’s lecture in Room 133, Fondren Science Building, 3215 Daniel Avenue.

Friday’s panel in Rooms 138 & 144, Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall, 3101 University Boulevard.


Sponsor: Both events are sponsored by the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute. The panel discussion is also supported by the Embrey Family Foundation.

Request for Proposals | Scott Hawkins Lecture Fund

The DCII welcomes proposals for support from the Scott-Hawkins lecture fund. The DCII is particularly interested in proposals for speakers or events that can appeal to a broad interdisciplinary audience of students and faculty. As in the past we expect that applicants will seek other sources of funding to match the amount requested from the Scott Hawkins fund. The deadline for proposals for the next academic year is April 22, 2016. See website link below for application and more details.

More information: http://www.smu.edu/Dedman/DCII/Programs/Scott%20Hawkins%20Lecture%20Fund