Investing in a data-empowered future

SMU Magazine Originally Posted: December 5, 2017 SMU is eager to serve and partner with Dallas, just as Northwestern University serves Chicago and Columbia University serves New York. We are ready to leverage SMU’s academic vitality and strong relationships with the Dallas region for expanded community service and impact. Dallas is a city in a hurry, taking its place as a global business and knowledge center. Major corporations like Toyota and (perhaps) Amazon recognize that Dallas has a stake in the tech-driven future. What you need to know is that SMU has skin in that game. We are a 21st century university, data empowered and actively seeking solutions to societal problems through interdisciplinary collaborations between the humanities, the sciences, the arts and the world of [...]

SMU Alum: ‘Everything we do in life involves human rights’

Overheard@SMU Originally Posted: November 2, 2017 SMU alumna Ashley Park ’17 reads from one of her 2016 “Holocaust Poland” trip journals. At a recent party hosted by SMU alums Trey Velvin ’86 & Dee Velvin’87 in support of the Embrey Human Rights Program’s new book No Resting Place: Holocaust Poland (slideshow above), 2017 SMU alumna Ashley Park read from one of two journals she kept during the “Holocaust Poland” trip she took in 2016. Somewhere near Lublin, Poland, she wrote: “[SMU student] Karly Zrake read a poem she wrote and it was really good. It was about the Krepiecki Forest being a place of sanctuary and solace, and how people came and desecrated that. … I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve today. I miss my family so much. I so wish I could be warm and surrounded by people [...]

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Cities, Suburbs, and the New America event features high profile speakers

SMU Video Originally Posted: November 15, 2017 SMU-Cox Folsom Institute for Real Estate, the SMU Economics Center, and the Center for Opportunity Urbanism presented a lively discussion on Cities, Suburbs, and the New America, and Minorities, Immigrants, and Millennials in America’s Favorite Geography. The event featured presentations from former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros, author Joel Kotkin, and MIT Professor Alan Berger. WATCH  

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WATCH: Americans’ Changing View of New Years’

Fox4 Originally Posted: December 27, 2017 An SMU professor is taking an in-depth look at how we've celebrated new years' through our history, and our evolving relationship with time itself.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward. WATCH

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2017 Celebration of Lights

SMU YouTube Originally Posted: November 30, 2017 SMU students welcomed in the Christmas season with their festive annual tradition, Celebration of Lights. Students entertained the crowd with carols, President R. Gerald Turner read the Christmas Story and the evening ended with Silent Night and the lighting of the SMU Christmas tree along with Dallas Hall and surrounding trees. Watch  

Happy Holidays from Dedman College

Have a safe and happy holiday. SMU is closed December 25-January 1.

Top 10 Dedman College Faculty Research Articles

  Sapiens: Can Medical Anthropology Solve the Diabetes Dilemma? As the number of sufferers continues to rise, some researchers are moving in new directions to figure out how culture and lifestyle shape disease outcomes. LiveScience: Newfound dino looks like creepy love child of a turkey and ostrich A new giant bird-like dinosaur discovered in China has been named for SMU paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs, Corythoraptor jacobsi, by the scientists who identified the new oviraptorid. Cosmos: Painting with light in three dimensions A new technique uses photoswitch molecules to create three-dimensional images from pure light. SMU Guildhall and cancer researchers level up to tap human intuition of video gamers in quest to beat cancer Massive computational power of online “Minecraft” gaming community bests supercomputers.  Nation’s electric grid [...]

SMU Alumni, Norm Bagwell, in D CEO

D CEO Originally Posted: December 21, 2017 The CEO of Bank of Texas takes us inside his workspace. Norm Bagwell is chairman and CEO of the Bank of Texas. He’s also executive vice president of BOK Financial Corp., where he’s responsible for all regional banks, commercial banking, business banking, and treasury services across the company’s eight-state footprint. The Bank of Texas, he says, is “a big bank that acts small.” Recently, he also became board chairman of the Baylor Health Care System Foundation—which makes sense. In 2006, Bagwell suffered from kidney failure and received a successful kidney transplant at Baylor; the donor was his wife, Robin. A native of Louisiana, he earned bachelor of arts and bachelor of business degrees from Southern Methodist University. “If [...]

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Texan of the Year finalist: Jorge Baldor’s quiet philanthropy helps transform Dallas

Dallas Morning News Originally Posted: December 20, 2017 Jorge Baldor is a Dedman College Executive Board Member Think Dallas philanthropist and the image of a well-heeled Texan with gray hair and designer boots comes to mind, the kind of donor who gives enough to see the family name on a building. But you won't see the name Jorge Baldor carved in stone. His substantial donations go to efficient and agile startup charities and grass-roots empowerment projects that change the way things work in this town, but hardly gain him much fame. "There are enough people in the spotlight," Cuban-born Baldor said. "The reality is no one does it by themselves." In this quiet way, Baldor's efforts have boosted Hispanic business leaders, made the Dallas arts community more successful than ever, and are changing [...]

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