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Watch: SMU in the News 2017

SMU YouTube Take a look back at some of the top SMU stories and SMU experts making the news in 2017. https://youtu.be/gJKM5UmixhE

Former Texas First Lady and Civic Leader Rita Clements has died

SMU News Originally Posted: January 8, 2018 Longtime SMU supporter Rita Clements, former Texas First Lady, civic leader and political activist, has died after a long illness. Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 11, at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Dallas. "Rita Clements’ passion for education was clear to everyone who knew her," said SMU President R. Gerald Turner. "Our University was fortunate to benefit from that passion over the many years that she and Governor Clements, who was an SMU alumnus, generously shared their time and resources with us. It’s only part of her legacy, but the beautiful campus of SMU-in-Taos and the programs it provides for faculty and students will always be a tribute to that generosity. We [...]

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In the Bones of a Buried Child, Signs of a Massive Human Migration to the Americas

New York Times Originally Posted: January 3, 2018 From SMU Department of Anthropology: David J. Meltzer's latest collaborative research covered by the New York Times. The girl was just six weeks old when she died. Her body was buried on a bed of antler points and red ocher, and she lay undisturbed for 11,500 years. Archaeologists discovered her in an ancient burial pit in Alaska in 2010, and on Wednesday an international team of scientists reported they had retrieved the child’s genome from her remains. The second-oldest human genome ever found in North America, it sheds new light on how people — among them the ancestors of living Native Americans — first arrived in the Western Hemisphere. The analysis, published in the journal Nature, shows [...]

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Investing in a data-empowered future

SMU Magazine Originally Posted: December 5, 2017 SMU is eager to serve and partner with Dallas, just as Northwestern University serves Chicago and Columbia University serves New York. We are ready to leverage SMU’s academic vitality and strong relationships with the Dallas region for expanded community service and impact. Dallas is a city in a hurry, taking its place as a global business and knowledge center. Major corporations like Toyota and (perhaps) Amazon recognize that Dallas has a stake in the tech-driven future. What you need to know is that SMU has skin in that game. We are a 21st century university, data empowered and actively seeking solutions to societal problems through interdisciplinary collaborations between the humanities, the sciences, the arts and the world of [...]

WATCH: Americans’ Changing View of New Years’

Fox4 Originally Posted: December 27, 2017 An SMU professor is taking an in-depth look at how we've celebrated new years' through our history, and our evolving relationship with time itself.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward. WATCH

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2017 Celebration of Lights

SMU YouTube Originally Posted: November 30, 2017 SMU students welcomed in the Christmas season with their festive annual tradition, Celebration of Lights. Students entertained the crowd with carols, President R. Gerald Turner read the Christmas Story and the evening ended with Silent Night and the lighting of the SMU Christmas tree along with Dallas Hall and surrounding trees. Watch https://youtu.be/nquthP3zEVU  

Happy Holidays from Dedman College

Have a safe and happy holiday. SMU is closed December 25-January 1.

Top 10 Dedman College Faculty Research Articles

  Sapiens: Can Medical Anthropology Solve the Diabetes Dilemma? As the number of sufferers continues to rise, some researchers are moving in new directions to figure out how culture and lifestyle shape disease outcomes. LiveScience: Newfound dino looks like creepy love child of a turkey and ostrich A new giant bird-like dinosaur discovered in China has been named for SMU paleontologist Louis L. Jacobs, Corythoraptor jacobsi, by the scientists who identified the new oviraptorid. Cosmos: Painting with light in three dimensions A new technique uses photoswitch molecules to create three-dimensional images from pure light. SMU Guildhall and cancer researchers level up to tap human intuition of video gamers in quest to beat cancer Massive computational power of online “Minecraft” gaming community bests supercomputers.  Nation’s electric grid [...]

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