NBC Today: Is yelling the new spanking? Parents try to turn down the volume with kids

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One Response to NBC Today: Is yelling the new spanking? Parents try to turn down the volume with kids

  1. Kevontaye Jackson says:

    I strongly agree that “Yelling is the new spanking”. I am 17 years of age and I never coped with the feel of a spanking and neither has anyone else who has been through the same experience as myself. I never believed that giving your child a spanking was the key to discipline. In my personal opinion, when spanking your child every time your child gets in trouble or misbehaves does not make the situation better. Children of all ages are growing up very fast and are more intelligent than we allow them to be. Children hear everything these days from finding out where babies actually come from to what sex is and the usage of cursing words at a very young age. Spanking you child may leave to small bruses on your child. Today’s school are teaching kids about abuse at home. So , spanking your child at a young age and if you leave small a bruse on them whether it was on purpose or not, your child could get the two mixed together and you as a parent, family member, friend, or guardian can get into some trouble with social services. Yelling at your child isn’t the best technique either because the thought and the feeling of yelling at your child and making your child cry isn’t the best feeling in the world. But if you think about it, yelling is a form of being authoritative and demanding without the usage of a hand or a belt. Yelling and being firm with your words can have a very positive outcome. Your child will be more respectful and know that the tone of voice that you have during that time for the specific situation, you mean business. I will always stand by this because I honestly feel that there are many different techniques that any adult dealing with kids can use to solve a conflict.

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