CATCO’s Austin Symposium

Event: 25th Austin Symposium on Molecular Structure and Dynamics at Dallas, March 1-4, 2014

ASMD@D 2014 will begin on Saturday, March 1. There will be more than 100 plenary and invited lectures and two poster sessions in the time from Saturday to Tuesday evening. The Symposium Banquet with lecture and presentation of the ASMD@D prices will take place at SMU.

ASMD@D 2014 will be organized in the spirit of previous symposia and it will be a special celebration of the 25th anniversary:

  • Listen and discuss
  • Meet international experts
  • No parallel sessions
  • A place where important interdisciplinary work can start
  • A place where new positions can be found

Learn more about 2014 featured speakers. Among the speakers is Nobel laureate Sir Harold W. Kroto, who shares the 1996 chemistry prize. Read his bio here


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