Thank you for having a public computer on campus for people.

You’re welcome!

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Water Cooler

Install a refrigerated water cooler on this library level. Discard the most dysfunctional machine in the student lounge and use its electricity to power the cooler.

Thanks for your note in the Fondren Library Center suggestion box. While a water cooler in the library is a great idea, we do not have a budget to provide a water cooler for everyone. Library staff formed a water club and we pitch in our own funds to pay for it. We do provide water fountains. Bottled water is also available for $1.50 from the vending machines in the library basement.

 CUL does provide refreshments occasionally during the school year, including at our Welcome Tent during the first week of school, during our cookout for National Library Week in April, and during the late night hours at the exam periods.

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Free Standing Computers

Place wooden stools at all of Fondren’s computers that are free standing only.  Reasons: Your computers are set at a height not average for male students.  Designed and set for 5’5” – 5’10”.

The free-standing computers provide access to anyone who needs to use a computer for a quick search.  If you need to sit in front of a computer for a longer time, there are computers available in the Information Commons on the first floor of Fondren.

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Electronic Journal Suggestion

I would like to suggest that the CUL subscribe to the electronic version of The Journal of Religion and Human Rights. I believe that the journal would contribute both to the human rights program as well as to the already impressive collection concerning religion. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will share the suggestion with the subject librarians in the relevant areas, but I would recommend that you raise this issue with your professors in the Human Rights program as well. Given the library’s limited budgets, we typically cannot consider new resources without faculty involvement and evaluation.

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Computer equipment

Suggestion: The equipment (keyboards, mouses, desks) in Fondren are horribly disgusting. It seems like they are never cleaned.

Answer: Thanks for reminding us. Our custodial folks do not clean the equipment, so we are making arrangements to get this done by our staff and students over break. We’ve also made a special request to get all of the desks cleaned.

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Renewal emails

Question: When you send out e-mails reminding us about soon to be late books, will you also include the link to re-new?

Answer: Thank you for your suggestion. We passed this on to our Circulation Task Force and all of the campus libraries are currently in the process of changing the email template to provide this information. The next time you receive a courtesy or overdue notice, you should see this information listed. Please let us know if you have any additional ideas that you would like to suggest.


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Comment: There are rumors going around about who was responsible for the change from 24/7 to 24/5 . . . and that the who was not the library.  A clear explanation of *why* the hours were changed printed in The Daily Campus, might help to deal with those rumors, unless of course the rumors are true.

Answer: We’re responsible for the move from 24/7 to 24/5, and the reason is quite simple: low (or no) use on Friday and Saturday nights. Over the course of spring semester 2011, the number of people using the library on Friday and Saturday nights (except for exam period) ranged from a high of 16 to a low of zero. Given the costs of remaining open, particularly in staff wages, we elected to close at midnight on Friday and Saturday and reopen at 9 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. A survey of other Texas libraries and our aspirational institutions confirmed that while a very few are open 24/7, the majority operate under a 24/5 system. Before implementing the change, we discussed it with SMU administration and with student body president Austin Prentice; both were supportive of the change.

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Late night breakfasts

Comment: YES! We LOVE late night breakfast during finals! Please continue and have all breakfasts in Fondren Library rather than Hughes-Trigg. I missed French toast night. Many people agree! Please consider.
Answer: YES! We LOVE it too! We are working with Aramark on this and would love to have all the late night breakfasts here, as you suggest. (We know you can’t bear to tear yourself away from the library at any time, but especially during exams — even for food.) We’ll keep you posted.

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Technology help

Comment: During finals it would be helpful to have a temporary OIT Help Desk (maybe mid-terms too) to save students the long trek to Blanton.
Answer: Actually, we have technology help available in the Information Commons during the following times:
Monday-Thursday 8am – 10pm
Friday 8am – 5pm
Sunday 1-9pm
Staff from the Student Multimedia Center and OIT students stationed at the “Technology Help” banner can assist with many hardware and software problems, not just during exams but throughout the semester.

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KIC scanner

Comment: I love the KIC scanner! The perfect alternative to bad copies!
Answer: Thanks! So do we! For those not in the know, the KIC scanner is now installed outside of the Student Multimedia Center on the first floor of the Information Commons. The scanner allows you to easily scan documents, articles, pages of books, etc. (subject to copyright regulations, of course), then save to your flash drive or email to yourself or anyone else. And it’s free! Try it out. Another KIC scanner is available in the Hamon Arts Library in Meadows.

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