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Why is the library closing so early? I need 24 hour access!

For the first few weeks of each semester, we’re hiring and training student workers who work overnight to keep the library open, so we close earlier during those weeks. If you need study space past 9pm the first few weeks

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What floors are open and closed in Fondren right now?

Excellent question: As of Jan 22, the 2nd floor on Fondren East is closed, but this floor will open by Jan 29. The next floor to close will be Fondren East 3rd floor which has study spaces and books with

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Why isn’t Hamon Library open 24 hours?

Question: I found out you’re not open 24/5 anymore! What’s with that? If you’re not going to be open, can’t Hamon be? Answer: I’m so sorry you’re unhappy with the Fondren Library hours! See the previous post for a longer explanation

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Where can I access wi-fi at the library?

Excellent question! Not only can you access wi-fi throughout the Fondren Library Center when we’re open, wi-fi is also accessible 24/7 on the west side of the Fondren Library in the courtyard. Feel free to lounge at the outside tables

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When will Fondren go back to 24/5 hours?

Question: Is there a time frame when the library will be back to a 24/5 schedule? I personally am a night owl, and the new hours mean I have nowhere to study on campus at night time. Answer: Thank you for

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“Add to Calendar” link for workshops

Comment: I love all the various workshops you offer and have added several to my calendar. It would be wonderful if the web folks could put an “add to calendar” button on each of these events to quickly put these

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What’s with the shorter library hours?

Q1: Fondren should be open 24/7. Closing at 1 just seems wrong. That’s where people go to study when their roommate says to turn the lights off. Q2: Hi, The purpose of my email is to let you know that I

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Young adult fiction

I recently discovered the Fondren Library has young adult fiction books.  I enjoy reading books from this genre to decompress and was really pleased to find them. Thanks for the compliment!