On http://smu.edu/cul/services/renew/ when one clicks the “Renew online via the Library Catalog” button, one is taken to http://libcat.smu.edu/vwebv/searchBasic?sk=smu which is the library catalog’s basic search page.  It would make more sense to go directly to https://libcat.smu.edu/vwebv/login which is the log in screen.  Can we do this?

No, we are unable to link directly to the Login page for your account in the library catalog, due to limitations within the catalog system.  However, we are looking at ways we can provide better instructions that are more visible, so you will be able to find your library account more easily.  It will take some time for us to test these options, so you won’t see changes immediately.  We will let you know when these changes are ready so you can let us know what you think about them.