Extend the issue length for audiobooks (especially CD audiobooks). I just started listening to audiobooks and fell in love. It is a quick way for me to “read” for pleasure or to “read” books I have been wanting to read. I spend so many hours reading material for class that I end up not wanting to read for pleasure. I listen to CD audiobooks on the way to school, on the way to work, on the way home, etc. However, I can never finish the audiobook because it is due back in three days! I can hardly get through 1/4 of it. Even with a renewal, I only get through 1/2 of it. Please change the policy and extend the length. For the most part regular books aren’t issued for 3-6 days, why should audiobooks? The are not even checked out that often. I would love to start listening to CD audiobooks again and actually finish them. Please and thank you. :)

Thanks for your question in the library suggestion box. You have one renewal of CDs. We are transitioning away from CD audiobooks, however, and we are not adding to that collection anymore. Instead, we have Playaways, which are audio books in MP3 format. You can find Playaways in the Browsing collection in the Information Commons in Fondren. They can be borrowed for three weeks.