1) Have at least some employees here after 2 am. 2) Not having the library the library open 24 hours for the first 15 days of school was stupid and not helpful. 3) We shouldn’t have to move down to the first floor after 2 am.

First, we have student assistants here after 2 am during the 24/5 days were are open.  There is not enough traffic in the library to warrant having library staff or librarians here overnight.

Second, after tracking overnight usage in detail during the 2010-2011 academic year, we discovered that very few patrons (always less than 20 and sometimes none) are in the library on Friday and Saturday nights. With the approval of the President and the Provost and with the agreement of the incoming president of the student body, as of last fall we changed our hours to 24/5, closing at midnight on Friday and Saturday and opening at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday. We will resume 24/7 during the period around final exams; the exact schedule is posted on the online CUL calendar when available.  We are not open 24/5 for the first two weeks of classes because we are hiring and training the student employees who will work those hours during the rest of the semester.

Third, in order to maintain a secure building for the overnight hours, we keep a smaller part of the library open.  We do this to ensure students’ safety and to enable the security guards to do their jobs.